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Carry the fruit to a pot when she is prepared. The pain is forgotten. Touch the loam, fruit. Into the earth. Speed on your journey and best wishes.

The job is not done. A fruit is home. A home needs a guardian spirit. This Geas you accept upon purchase of a fruit still green. A man from below will seek agony and withering a fruit.

You are not a man from below, are you? There can never be a doubt!

To nurture a fruit there are four things aligned.

First is a sun. There is one above. Give a fruit at all times.

Second is a water. Mans from below have so much water. Our water is different. Our water is bad. Make it good with machines. Take a bad water and make a good water. A fruit loves a water twice a day.

Third for a fruit is a pill. A pill enters with a fruit within the satchel. Remove from package a pill in one day. Only one. Place against a fruit and listen. You can hear a fruit take the pill. A sweet sound!

Fourth a friend. Find them all around. A fruit has a enemy that is small. A friend is larger and tears the wine of hearts from a enemy. They feel pain. A enemy is dead. A enemy is dead is a lesson to fools. Beware…

Fifth is fifth is fihn si fi a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

That is all the wonderful steps for now. A fifth is not present. Repeat steps as needed on chart within satchel. A fruit will grow. A fruit will become alive even more than before.


A foe may come to oppose a fruit. When it is dark is the time. Mans from below hate a fruit. Mans from below have many machines. Do not waiver in your defense of a fruit. Do not hesitate to hurt a mans from below. He does not feel pain. He is a bad thing.

IF a mans from below comes remember he cannot see. He is not of the light. Be silent. Be swift. Strike a mans down with a hand or a branch. Strike him down to the time that he does not move and his red water is out. When it is very certain he is not a foe any longer put a mans from below by a fruit. He will go away by the morning.

Man from below has a look like you. He is bad. The signs of the mans from below is stripes of red and stripes of white and squares of blue. On a squares of blue stars that man from below only remember cannot see. He put a picture on his machine. Hurt them all.

Beware of fire man from below brings. He will try to put it on a fruit. This is worst scenario for a fruit.

With love a fruit is grow! Nurture and talk to a fruit. Tell it that it is love. The time is right the fruit will give up a food to you.

A fruit is red. This is good. This is energy for a strong man from above like you. Put it into your body.
This is very good.

Be a friend to a fruit and it will not find a time to hurt you.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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