We all know that there are some pretty strange foods to eat out there. For every backwards taste you can dream up, there is an equally backwards food occupying grocery store shelves. This can largely be attributed to the fact that people will eat anything, including other people if their plane crashes in the Andes or they follow the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. Much like the humans they secretly wish they could be, the SA Forum Goons also have bad taste in pretty much everything. As such, this week features all the worst kinds of food you can think of multiplied tenfold and shoved in your face.

Cans of Fury

"Livestock" is a big bucket of jerk.

"danno" was too lazy to come up with his own joke, but at least he did a good job.

"coyotlgw" does PETA proud:

"illumn8d" can't get enough!

"Pepper" enjoys donkey cream. Let him enjoy it in peace.

My break dancing homeboy "Phat Albert" made this.

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