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75 decagrams for $9.99

Famed comedy man of Chernogorsk Sverik "Soups" Gervoron was brought in by state to create mirthful togs for babies to lessen daily hell of raising brood in colorless, partly toxic Chernogorsk. Most popular shirt asks: "HOW MANY? One by Quota." This is very funny hoke, which is joke similar idea.

Available in hokes: "Excuse me, I am in queue for milktit before you," "KGB Female Body Inspector" or "I know what you do on weekends father and I am telling Party."

Features: Observational humor of daily foibles and also puns extracted from spies with use of LSD.


100 for $4.99

Modeled on actual USA dudes from Out West these USA Cowboy Short Pants are made from Keranti Amobst, artificial material similar to denim but far superior. Your baby will feel like he is Mickey Mouse in USA rodeo. Rock and roll Billy Idol, mom and dad, wooo party, Budweiser, Ronald Reagan have a cow!!

Available in colors: Authentic USA Bruce Banner Purple, Witch's Brew Green Halloween Shorts, Mustard, Purple

Features: Shorter than some pants, real USA feeling of California dreamings, buttons, a zipper-like area featuring mini-hooks and up and down shuttle motion.

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