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Hello again friends and lovers of best deal of the East. The number one workout and strongest man world certified, expert of Kettlebells and Gdansk-Slovo crosstraining methods is here with more best deals.

My nephews of Chernogorsk area have opened new import-expert business to traffic in good of east. This is deal for new and aspiring parent of entire babiesclothes factory purchased in poker game.

Best nephews (biggest bicebs also) have best deals.


The fire is out in neighboring Chernogorsk but the fire of SMALLGUY deals is only begin. Hottest items hot they burrrrrrrn your babbbbies (not with selenium residue) !!!


166 for $19.99

KRL-4 is premium unitog constructed by Russian 1980-1990. Snug fits on babies ensured by test on prisoner babies (they were guilty of serious crimes very very bad babies) built by hand by Russian and also unfortunately some Tajiks but under careful supervision.

Available randomly in colors: Gray-green, gray-blue, gray-red, gray, dark gray, gray-black.

Features: front and back, a button


200 for $29.84

Famed second-in-command of Soyuz TM-11 endorsed this highly qualitied tog for toddlemans with his visage. Relive childhood thrill of news Strela boom installment and also edge of seat feeling is Kvant hatch repaired??? Yes, it is success, eighth EVA by Musa Manorov completed repair to Kvant hatch and now Mir has back up supply dock again. Soothing face of Manorov placates parents and makes them more likely to purchase baby high nutrient USA food.

Available randomly in colors: light gray for girl and dark gray for boy. Also available with face blacked out for Tajik baby.

Features: Face on front, back of head on back so it is for a moment you think baby is actual Musa Manorov

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