I made this Bath Room Suite up to look like a basket. I like baskets. You can put things in them like apples or wait for the easter bunny. If you turn them over you can wear them like a helmet.

Everything in this room is as real as it gets. This is just like being there. I put in two smoke detectors in case things get too hot and a mirror that looks at another mirror if a ghost comes out of a mirror you'll see it even if your back is turned to the first mirror.

Includes decorative toilet, decorative sink, non-working shower, cabinets full of expired tylenols and cough syrup, a bunch of dirty towels that turned brown, and a drawer full of horseshoes.

I try not to cuss and you probably shouldn't cuss either
My mama always said if your words are crooked your soul is crooked
I don't really believe in the soul as separate from the body because when I go in ghostmode my body goes with me
so the soul is just made up and when you die you are either gone and a ghost or you are a dead body
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