23 - Revise 2007 tale - body glitter of ultimate horror

24 - ancient Papillion keep walking in on me an wifey staring at our butts LOL get out TEENEE!!!!!

25 - evil maggot in a box - PEREZ?!?!?!?! LOLOLOL

26 - Tweet changes when retweeted - twitpic changes to evil vista - viewer appears in picture dead - dies

27 - Undersea city and ships of ghost dead - VH1 marathon

28 - Unspeakable evil escapes from Sober House

29 - Some creepy owl bird or something just flew into window - LOL IT'S A SQUIRREL AWwwww

30 - B4 u judge u must read the whole blog post - u read it and u agree with me now

31 - Fat baby maggot man with no business spies on people and dies from being eaten by a big batman.

32 - Tila Army soldier cant die, keeps charging shirts to card and subscribe to my new tilacam 4 adults ONLY 9.95 per month

33 - Ancient winter woods - moss - great boles - skiing - little cute booties - a ghost with a evil face - some dude named chip with a tiny p-due - maybe a robot LOL fucccck Im drunk

34 - Srsly wifey has glockoma sooooooo LOL

35 - Followed by Charlie Sheen - not real Charlie Sheen - embarrassing tweets already retweeted

36 - New twitter site tila chirps or whatevs got to put in a picture to go on it to prove you are the real one tilachirps.com cummin soon LOL


37 - Dead wifey answers phone from beyond grave - ringtone forever embarrassing joke ringtone she put on there when we wuz drunk

38 - Every time put baby oil on cooter hole reminded of wifey SOOOOOO SAD

39 - Crazy strong weed, own face thizzed, alien vistas - or a TV show I wuz watchin?? Cant remember LOL???

40 - What if Star trek wuz real??

41 - It's not ur business OK

42 - Sex tape stolen by really rude people - 60/40 split on revenue - career boosts???

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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