8 Craziest Street Signs Ever!!!

#8 - Man I'd hate to meet that bird!!! LOL!!!

#7 - LMAO! Leave your bagels and lox at home!!!!!

#6 - ROTFLMOA!!! this sign is crazier than Balloon Boy's parents!!!!

#5 - LAWFSH (LAUGHING AT WORK FOR SEVEN HOURS)!!!! Women's rights more like women's PLIGHTS!!!

#4 - HahAHAHAHAHA! Now thats what I call a "tweet" thats hard to "beat!!"!

#3 - LOL!!! Hate to be the sucker who missed that typo! No child left behind, more like your child's a left behind!

#2 - Looks like somebody's a real fan of "Brock and Roll!" Rock on!!!

#1 - Now that's what I call a "sign of the times!" Hope they fired the dope who did this one! LOL!

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