Guido Sarducci doesn't even want his record collection anymore. You can have it.

Hamish Campbell's car broke down on the interstate. It was really cold and he didn't have a phone or any outerwear. Out there all alone, miles from a callbox, Hamish Campbell started to wonder if grandpa would be proud of him and how out of it grandpa was the last time he saw him alive.

ixalarx is just so frustrated this image won't let him out of the friend zone. But then no one ever does.

j00pY is haunted every day by regret upon regret and profound shame over what he has become.

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    Advanced Level Sexy Catcalls

    Hows about you, me, and five uncomfortable minutes in my basement apartment next to the dusty Christmas tree that's still up from my last visit with my estranged children.

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    Zagat's Guide to Poor Person Eating

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