Our site's proud founder Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka does not age, due to a regimen that involves exercise, a healthy diet, and the abject suffering of thousands of hapless subjugates being harvested for their life essence. But he feels the pain -- figuratively, not literally -- of his peers as they rapidly descend into decrepitude. "Old people do not like being old because they are old and nobody likes old people," he asserts reasonably. His solution: Switch elderly faces with baby faces, thus giving old people the wonderful gift of youth. This process also gives young people the terrible gift of oldness, but they're not mentally able to comprehend their plight, so no real harm done!

As he unleashed this image on the world, Lowtax wondered aloud "what's the worst that can happen?"

BoldFrankensteinMir is what scouts call a max-effort guy.

SlightButSteady couldn't wait to make big baby Jesus.

Shmorky loves to laugh.

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