Before embarking on Atma's latest interactive collaboration with the Forum Goons, you could read this brief history of Bendyman, SA's suspiciously slender new meme. You could also check out site founder Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka's Twitter page, given that it factors into the storyline, and you might as well subscribe to his stinkin' YouTube channel while you're at it. But you can definitely appreciate the journey that follows without any prerequisite research. Hell, I'd never heard of characters such as "Bob," "Satan," "Obama" and "Malaysian Plane" before reading Atma's previous picture stories!


You are livestreaming a videogame.

Enter command.


Whirlwind Jones

> kill you're family

Samuel L. ACKSYN

> use penis in hole on tree


> stab tree to prepare for stabbing friend



> build a goku


You pile some rocks together in a clearing, but you can't find a way to keep their form or shape, let alone give them any color.

The Protagonist

> wander poorly rendered forest aimlessly


You wander for quite some time. The forest seems to continue forever and contain few landmarks. Eventually, you come upon a building.

The Protagonist

> switch to lowtax, tweet stream link prompting goonrush


Your viewership has dramatically increased. This slightly panics you.


> go back to rocks, poop on the rocks, use poop as grout to hold rocks together into a shape, make that shape a goku


You accomplish the task. You do not feel great about it, but everyone else seems to enjoy it.


> not so subtly attempt to monetize your new found fame.


You put a link to your Paypal on screen and encourage donations. The dislikes for your video increase dramatically. Some of the audience appears to leave.

Regardless, Paypal notifies you that you have received 50$ in donations. Good job.


> join the something awful forums with your newfound wealth, the have a forum for let's plays


You use 10$ from the Paypal donations and register for the Something Awful forums offscreen. None of your viewers can see this, and they express their boredom in the comments.

a hole-y ghost

> take this opportunity to make a scary face and yell "OOGA BOOGA" at your viewers to spook them out


You suddenly yell out and jump at your webcam. No one seems to react. The game music in your speakers is getting louder and more foreboding.

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