This week is a bit odd, as we're showcasing a recent thread from the Something Awful Forums dedicated to mocking a series of British adventure novels about a daring pilot and action hero named "Biggles." As to how you get a name like that and still manage to kick ass, I don't know. Biggles represents that logical crossroad where James Bond and the Hardy Boys meet to do copious amounts of drugs. Naturally, the Biggles stories are full of good old-fashioned adventure safe for everyone. Naturally, the Something Awful Goons made those adventures insane. But hey, we've Photoshoped everything else, so let's just cross "Biggles Novels" off our big list of things to ruin.

Batsarse is the man responsible for starting this theme. In his spare time he enjoys ham radios and ham.


DuctTape is shamed in most astronomy circles for his lewd telescope usage.

HiredGun pays tribute to mankind's flawed priorities.

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  • The Fandangling Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    The Fandangling Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    'We’re going to be in trouble!' Little Sister wailed, clutching her favorite book to her chest and sobbing. 'This isn’t fun like a story anymore!' But Big Sister was not listening, she was thinking. She grabbed Little Sister’s book from her and ran into town, yelling 'Help! A book made me and my sister hurt someone!'

  • Enter: the Lead Loremaster

    Enter: the Lead Loremaster

    I've been wanting to meet you all for the past few weeks, but I guess I cut an intimidating figure. I'm the new guy, with the cool job you've all surely been gossiping about. Yep, I'm the Lead Loremaster, and I'm here to enrich everything we do with much-needed lore.

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