I'm pretty sure there isn't a human being alive on this Earth who hasn't played at least one board game. Quite simply, board games are fun, challenging, and addictive, just like crack cocaine and kidnapping rich people's children. But as simple as they are, board games often imitate reality in epic ways. Chess incorporates elements of military, political, and religious conflict just as Candy Land has candy, and everyone loves candy. With all that jibber-jabber said, the Something Awful Forum Goons set out to turn things around by combining classic elements of board games with reality. The results were both odd and odd, or odd squared.

We're finally back after last week's mysterious hiatus! Before I get things going, I want to thank Worth1000.com for sponsoring this week's Phriday. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of Photoshop tomfoolery, give them a try and a half. They've got a lot of great talent and cool contests going on daily, so it's well worth your clicking.

Board games mimic life, yes, but now reality imitates board games! As usual, the Something Awful Forum Goons got all whacked up on PCP and whipped out a unhealthy slew of images among other things.

I got things started with a little Battleship action:

"ManiacClown" fires some heavy weapons. Hey, that bastard sunk my battleship!

"SenatorASSFACE" didn't get my vote, but this image sure does:

"RipVTide" learned geography from losing at Risk:

"NotJust4Breakfast" wants to go to Iraq or something:

"GoatRearEnd" could probably benefit from jumping out of a plane:

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