If there's one thing the SA Goons like to discuss in a serious manner, other than gun-control laws and video games, it's America's obesity epidemic. In May alone, we've had threads such as "Fat is Beautiful," "I'm thinking of things a fat could do better than a normal person beside eat," "Louie had a controversial episode about fat chicks," and "Video of a Fat Woman Covered in Burrito Fillings and Wrapped in a Tortilla." There would probably be even more threads about overweight people if there were more overweight icons to provide inspiration, so Tip decided to retroactively fatten historical figures. It's a pretty slender theme in terms of submissions, but I guess that all evens out!




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  • Freakypizza: The Sweater Curse

    Freakypizza: The Sweater Curse

    Elliot said my breakup must have been due to the sweater curse, an unexplained phenomenon where anyone who gives their significant other a hand-knit sweater gets dumped. The only way to break the curse, Elliot said, was to destroy the sweater.

  • Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Can't tell a drinking fountain from a urinal? We've got you covered. Brush up on your drinking fountain enthusiast -- or sipper -- vocabulary and learn to talk and swap sips with the best of them.

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