When people say "you can't judge a book by its cover," they're referring to the type of charlatanry recently perpetrated by the Something Awful Forum Goons. Lured by revamped artwork, people would pick up these titles expecting pop-culture references and literal-minded shenanigans, only to be bored by words, words, words. These images won't turn dullards into literary connoisseurs, but they could bamboozle them into buying books by mistake. This sort of deceptive transaction might be the only way for the publishing industry to survive the impending idiocracy.

Identity Thief takes a mallet to Grapes of Wrath, Nelson Muntz-style, to start this theme.

Unintelligent Design loved this guy in Terror Train.

Fidel Castronaut longs to be close to you.

Styrofoam Boats is the star of the masquerade.

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