This week's theme comes courtesy of SA regular and Photoshop handyman "dorquemada." While the theme was a bit strange, it allowed for a lot of fun and creative gags. Best of all, lots of pictures of dinosaurs. Oh yeah, you can guess what turns me on.

Here is my usual poorly made starter image:

Magic Index, take me places I've yet to go!

"Argyle" takes us back to a time when things were a lot better for the human race:

"Carp" captures God goofing off on the job:

"BBQBabyBacon" spends most of his days packing for that eventual trip to Hell:

"Hazed Blue" remembers the day that changed rock and roll forever:

"BBQBabyBacon" theorizes that man evolved from George Burns. Actually he didn't, but I just did. Where's my fucking science trophey already?

Look out, because "neonbubble" is the new lord of the dance!

"neonbubble" dives deep for humor. Did he drown? Sure, why not!

"Anbori" actually reads this trash:

"Shambler" keeps it simple yet dynamic:

"grayrobot" is a nerd! NERD!

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