Page Ten: Who Soiled My Grotto?

Yes, because we have nothing better to do, let's make fun of some of the crappy submissions that came our way!

We can all thank "Arken" for belching up this sorry bucket of primordial ooze. Somebody get this kid a bib so he can puke all his shitty ideas out on that instead of us. If I have to keep seeing shit like this, I'm going to close my eyes and seal them shut with calk.

"Pacwang" deserves to be clubbed on the head for making this tribute to having your eyes ripped out of your face and eaten by an army of ants with little tiny flea cowboys riding on their backs. Seriously, don't look at this picture for more than a second, or your face will get gangrene.

"Cithen" mistook us for a toilet when he submitted this. Sadly, this crap stampede is so overwhelming that the average toilet would choose to implode on itself instead of doing the deed and swallowing. While the same can be said for my average girlfriend, at least I know they're all imaginary. This image is not.

Hey gang, that concludes up this week! Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons for providing us with lots of laughs. Join us next week when we Photoshop cactuses into famous historic photographs for reasons beyond any and all mortal comprehension.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff

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