When it comes to evil, two distinct groups always come to mind. The first is almost universally the National Socialist Party, led by Adolf Hitler. This brutal regime brought Europe and much of the world to its knees and murdered millions. The second group is the Empire, overseen by the mysterious Emperor Palpatine but often administrated by the vile Darth Vader. This group has done everything from destroying entire planets to roasting ewoks. This week we aim to accomplish two goals of great importance. The first is to see what happens when you mix Nazis and the Empire, and the second is to see what would happen if the Nazis triumphed in World War II. As always, thanks goes out to the Something Awful Forum Goons for being the rotten bastards that made all of the images featured here.

"Lodin" brings history's greatest villains together for one sexy automobile ride:

"shuriken" made some propaganda for the whole Nazi vs. Storm Trooper war:

"shuriken" again, this time with the other side:

"KaptainMyke" doesn't mind the fact that Hitler is clearly too short to be a storm trooper.

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