FatherShark first met this image during a taping of the Jenny Jones show.

When Frithweaver dies he is going to Jerk Heaven.

From Earth once fell off a bridge but landed safely on a banana boat.

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  • Christmaspasta


    The unSlender Man is a humanoid male with a rotund belly and jocular disposition. He is described as wearing a red suit with white trim and a matching hat. While it is rare to catch a glimpse of the unSlender Man, victims say his footprints in the snow are visible for days after his visits. Thats right, you guessed it- idts the big man Santa Claus.

  • No One Cares That You Haven't Started Shopping

    No One Cares That You Haven't Started Shopping

    We get it. Diligence and/or consideration aren't your strong suits.

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