Philadelphia Phillies

  • Active 40-man roster now extends past Ryan Howard and 39 blank spots.
  • Players no longer allowed to punch Chase Utley in the face no matter how good they were all year.
  • Due to licensing issues, crowd no longer chants "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!"
  • Matt Smith no longer referred to as "Bobby Abreu could be standing there."

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Fixed clipping issue that caused outfield walls in PNC park to spray blood when they came into contact with players.
  • Voice recognition technology also allows controller to violently shock anyone who utters the phrase "Jason Gay."
  • Removed seating area banner saying "Remember: Allen Iverson once played basketball in this state."

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Removed Franchise Mode adviser quote saying "Championships bring prestige. Win a championship, bring some class to St. Louis... oh, shit."
  • Babbling incoherently and soiling yourself now unlocks the Albert Pujols's Daughter Achievement (Xbox 360 only).
  • Announcer no longer returns after five minutes of silence and says "Sorry, had to take a Scott Rolen."

San Diego Padres

  • Removed April Fool's Day easter egg - field announcer no longer says "Good news! We're bringing in Norv Turner!" to a chorus of wailing fans on that day.
  • Intro FMV for Greg Maddux no longer starts with "After leaving a legacy of *snicker* success in Chicago..."
  • David Wells no longer creaks like a rusted screen door every time he moves.

San Francisco Giants

  • Removed "AGING FREE AGENTS: Wait here for FREE MONEY!" sign from front office door.

Seattle Mariners

  • Due to complaints from three fans the Seattle Mariners are now a playable team in MLB 2K7.
  • As such, the team is no longer referred to as the "Hyperliberal Hellhole Mariners" in game menus.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

  • Removed "Had more losses than RBIs in 2006 season" from Team Trivia section.
  • Blackout rules in Franchise Mode no longer infer that fans would rather watch a pitch black screen for three hours, anyway.
  • Ty Wiggington no longer introduced as "Chief Wiggins."

Texas Rangers

  • Removed "Beg for other teams' table scraps" from Franchise Mode to-do list.
  • Announcer no longer says "It's like the Reds got ten years older and added six runs to their team ERA" when watching the team.

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Removed Find Things For Frank Thomas To Bitch About Mode after repeated whiny voicemails.
  • Team now only called "The BJ's" in reference to Matt Stairs.

Washington Nationals

  • Removed any traces of effort from team to mirror real life MLB experience.
  • Austin Kearns' ears no longer catch strong winds and propel him out of the stadium.
  • Removed sound file of Montreal snickering and counting piles of money.

Special thanks to Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka and Rob "Closeknees" Smith, who wrote several of the patch items.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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