inkdrinker once hit a teammate with a wrench just to watch him die. Friendly fire was off, but it was still pretty hardcore.

Bob Smith could easily hit the broadside of a barn if he stood close enough and it stayed still.

Contra Duck may or may not have been a FEMA official at the time that Hurricane Katrina hit.

xamphear is one hell of a handsome man. That's not a joke or a reference to the achievement he made, it's just an honest observation.

Not a day goes by where Blood fart doesn't curse his parents for his name, and thank God for his third nipple.

ChainsawXIV joined the forums to contribute these achievements, but he's staying for the video game lolitas picture thread in our Your Console Sucks subforum.

Cave Johnson's family was murdered out by stormtroopers. And spies.

Yoozer may waste a lot of time, but his feet have never been bunyoner.

DownloadTHIS gives aid and comfort to the enemy, but mostly comfort.

Tammy Faye Baker takes a very brief break from crying to offer this achievement.

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