In a dastardly move that hasn't been attempted since Nintendo plopped a few mushroom sprites on top of the Japanese game Doki Doki Panic (translation - Roots: The Videogame) and called it Super Mario Brothers 2, this installment of VGA has stolen Photoshop Phriday's format to highlight some terrific images created by the Something Awful Games Forum Goons. Like every classic tale, it all began when forum member Yabanjin posted a thread about Team Fortress 2. He noted that while many of the game's achievements are fairly easy to unlock, several of them are darn near impossible. With that in mind, he urged everyone to come up with new achievements that just about anyone would be able to get.

Our first round of achievements come from Yabanjin himself, an incredible accomplishment for someone who has never played Team Fortress 2.

Infinitum completely misses the point, creating an impossible goal for all but the most skilled gamers.

SunChips forgets a very basic concept that schoolchildren learn in Final Fantasy magic shops.

To Tyrion, it's a small price that he's willing to pay.

Zenmaster sees hardhats every time he closes his eyes, and every tome he opens them. If he could do it all over again, he'd just get the normal contact lenses.

localtalent just won't shut up about the new Macho Man Randy Savage spoken word album.

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