A pumpkin broke his heart...

We mean it!

This post is like a how-to about messing up your kid.

Dats a good vun.

It is God's will.

Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

Special thanks to Ritz Nabisko, sleepingblaarg, Shartjorts, A Boy and his Nigga, dcseankun, Fart Jesus LOL, Giga Gaia, Skylark, Cold_Ethyl, Volte, Whilst Farting I, jherrycurl, Ema Nymton, THE PERFECT TAN, EndOfRadio, actionfiasco, schmitty9800, Deg, Devonaut, Sick! Thats Dope, Atheist Wisdom, change my name, GUN SANDWICH, Zero Resurrected, Zombie Belger, Salmon Season, A habanero chile, Gorilla Codpiece, sicarim, Post Mode, Way Past Cool!, and deadfrog. Sorry FYAD, I didn't plan it this way...

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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