What site do you go to when you get high and want to ask the tough questions? Why, Yahoo Answers, of course!

A gay baby is born every time I post one of my updates. Talk about awkward.

I'm a parent and I've removed all references to the Internet from my house. A parent who does any less is negligent.

Looks like Cactus Frankie has a new project. DON'T ASK WHAT THE PROJECT IS. SO WHAT THE FUCK.

Someone just watched Futurama for the first time and thought it was a documentary.

A girl who is all over the steak before the 3rd date is a girl you don't want to marry.

They were going to start another Holocaust but their investments went under. It wouldn't be advisable to start a holocaust in this economy.

No where! Dogs are serious business! Thank God the whole lolcats thing hasn't ruined dogs.

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