I hate people who think Counter-Strike was the end all be all of first person shooters. Looks like this guy missed out on Battlefield 1942, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, the Jedi Knight series, Serious Sam, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3. It really shows what kind of stranglehold Counter-Strike has on these morons.

The future is online games.

These are the issues and frustrations that these brave Battle.net users face each and every day of their young lives.


Linguistics is a hot topic on the Battle.net forums.

To download games is one thing, but to accounce that you're doing just that is pathetic.

Blizzard notepads are made of solid gold, and their pens made of 14 carat diamond.

Our inability to describe how we feel fuels the necessity of emoticons.

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