Internet stupidity is a worldwide affair.

They don't have any food and yet they can post on message boards? What a crazy world.

Your user name is "MIZZ_BOOTY-FLY" and you're judging your uncle? Am I reading this right?

Watch out everybody! "Judas" is going to say some crazy shit!

Ah, Live Action Role-playing, bringing internet stupidity into the real world.

I need advice please. I have a growth on my ass that's turning black and yelling at my kids. Please advise.

You goddamn nerd.

It's true because I read it on the internet!

Say hello to future pedophile "Witch_of_Wicca".

Special thanks to my FYAD friends ukr, kliksf, Ali G, Mighty Stalker, ratmankey, Sandamnitt, and Tazzo for contributing to this report.

Do you know of an awful forum that should be included in a future update? Send in a link!

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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