ABDL Story Forum is a forum for people to post their favorite stories about wearing diapers and shitting in them because some screwed up thing that happened in their childhood caused them to become aroused for acting like a baby. Unfortunately, many of these stories are non-fiction.

Unless your backyard is completely covered in tarps it's not private enough. There are guys up there flying helicopters you know! They don't need to see you parading around in your diaper.

I can't imagine what it must be like to find your non-baby kid in diapers. I'm never having kids because I'm sure my whips and chains parenting methods will result in just that.

Someday you'll find those perfect diapers... someday...

Someday when the Internet is wired into our brains, roleplaying an adult couple having traditional sex is going to be considered taboo.

Part of the same post. Listen, you pretend to be a baby and I'll fuck you. It'll be soooo hot!

What self-respecting woman would allow this? Oh wait, just find a girl who doesn't know the meaning of self-respect and she'll jump into a diaper faster than you can say, "Do this or I don't love you!"

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