Ladies this can all be yours if you play your cards right!

And that gets you off doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?!

Hey internet, please decide if I should have a baby or not!

It doesn't make sense but we glad you tried, dear.

I have to admit, this is my mom posting and she's actually talking about me. I'm so embarassed.


Special thanks to my FYAD friends mumptruck, exitenglish, Incumbent atidlxx.dll, mousey, GAY ASS GHOST, Zod, docks, Sam-, Kaelan Zero, Stanier, Yourlifesayshi, Mr. Window Washer 7, Tarid, Incoherence, puffery, Zod, Fry Pappy, S.Cody-kun, Share Bear, ryo, Eraserhead, The Littlest Hobo, Sebbe, Darksider, chipe, and W.T. Snacks for contributing to this report.

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– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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