4chan.org is a English copycat of the most popular forum in Japan called 2chan.net or something like that. You know what, fucking finally. Finally someone has the balls to bring the magic of retarded discussion and pedophile anime pictures to America. 4chan.org, where you don't have to be ashamed to be a registered sex offender, because every other poster is one too! We are only covering the discussion forums in this edition of Weekend Web, but if you dig around for a little while you might just find some six-year-olds getting fucked in the ass by a tentacle demon! I condemn this forum and everyone who uses it.

"Backstabber" needs videos of animals being abused just as much as he needs a shotgun blast to the abdomen.

You can never have too many pictures of drawn children being violated.

I usually don't side with women who "make" their boyfriends or husbands delete their porn stash, but I sure as hell am agreeing with her in this case. To the lucky young woman who is with this creep, GET OUT NOW. This can only lead to a lengthy spousal rape case.

This is some great stimulating discussion here guys.

Oh boy.


This is just plain disgusting.

Fucking laffo.

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