Same guy. He never lets up on this topic.

This is a moderator of this forum.

Then uhm... you live happily ever after without any racism or hate in your life.

I understand what you mean. I hate mudbloods.

This hatred of the Turks stems from what a bunch of old guys did 100 years ago. I don't understand what an individual in 2007 has to do with the actions of their government in 1915. But never let rationality in the way of your racist beliefs.

It's the Armenian Tom Leykis.

Special thanks to A STRONG BUTT, The Betrayer, softbomb, Chainsawdomy, BigJoe, Skylark, Shasty, Pacra, adam jay harris, Syrg, nerdz, citizenh8, panascope and Anatole who are worried they might be pregnant because their boyfriends ejaculated into their eyes.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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