I did not cry when my grandfather was killed. But I'll cry now.

My favorite thing to do on a gorgeous Summer weekend is to post a positive impression of Fallout 3 on the NMA forums and watch the shit fly. You'll never see a thread balloon to 10 pages that quickly.

You're still going to buy it.

I wonder if the Fallout 3 developers just sit back and laugh at all of us. They probably do.

Hey it's my old friend Dan. I didn't expect to see him posting on NMA! Yeah it's Dan, an old friend of mine who writes for Mad TV. It's good to see his skit writing is as hilarious as ever.

When my girlfriend said Oblivion was more fun and accessible than Morrowind I slit her throat. That'll teach the bitch.

Yeah, it's a shame Bethesda isn't taking any input from the Fallout community. I would have loved to have my character randomly grow tits in Fallout 3.

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