The internet was created in 1969 as a way for the U.S. military to efficiently communicate in times of great peril. Little did they know what they had unleashed on the world. Thirty-five years later the internet is a very different place. Those too odd, disfunctional, or disturbing to hang out with the cool kids have made the internet their home. Once shuttered into the depths of their dark closets these people have emerged online to infest our beloved networks and waste precious bandwidth with their sinister doings.
In the past two weeks we have shown you the worst of anime and teen forums. In the coming weeks we will show you even more hillarious people whose only purpose is to be laughed at by you and I. But today there will be no laughter. In the following pages I will take you on a journey through the most horrible internet community of all, furries.

Hi "Leonkiy"! It's been an awkward experience to meet you!




Yeah, you know they're all going to buy the movie for jerk off material.

I'd wager it mainly comes from BEING A FUCKING FURRY.

Thanks for the heads up!

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