Totally not. Most girls are done playing with Barbie at 12! That's how you know they are ready to consent to sex with sweaty old creepy pedophiles.

Blind or not, fucking your sister is still wrong, bro.

And I did it, myyyyyy wayyyyyy....

Two-year-olds are sexy, the way they sit there, being all two and stuff. They are just asking for it, you know.

This is just what happily married women want, a cousin who is infatuated with them. I'm sure this guy's 3rd post starts with, "So I talked to my cousin and she filed a restraining order against me." It couldn't end any other way.

Without ancient social values Weekend Web would cease to exist! I owe my livelihood to intolerance of weird fetishes.

"fb" means "full brother". Ewww.

A horrifying look into the mind of a Foster's Freeze manager.

But I sent her chocolates and a Family Guy Volume 2 DVD set! HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME?!

Mmmm that's good incest.

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