If you can't manage your life in whatever crappy country you live in now, consider moving to Japan, where everything is better. Japan accepts your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to powerlevel their clerics. Japan Today can help get you started on emigrating to the land known as glorious Nippon, a place where all your kawaii dreams come true.

Well I guess you'd have to find the kind of woman who does all that and wants a man that weighs roughly 300 pounds. Good luck.

These are the kind of people that want to go to Japan. They can't quite manage their lives in their home country, and they want to take it to an international level.

Sounds like the Bang Bros. need to visit Japan and straighten things out, if you get my drift!

Next time when she's not looking shove a baseball bat up there and she'll think you're huge.

The issues facing people who are interested in Japan. The stereotypes don't lie people.

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