Hacking Yahoo is like breaking into the abandoned warehouse to throw rocks at the windows and have wild teen orgies that I never got to have when I was a teenager.

I can't read this fucking image but I'm sure it's funny.

They all realized they were wasting their time on the internet and decided to do something more productive like scam money out of grandma.

I bet you this guy is actually a fat white nerd with an ass that hasn't been wiped since the 80s because he simply can't reach it and is playing a tough black man on the internet.


I use a computer every day! I am using a computer to download porn as we speak! Human interaction? Thing of the past! I've got Jenna Haze now.

Between the last comment and this one I have masturbated twice. No kidding.

Yeah but you'll end up playing it with fat Mythology majors so no.

Goddamn nerds.

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