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Blast Forums

While large forums dedicated to pooping and peeing in public places, racists, and women who love men in jail are hillarious, it's the small forums that have maybe five guys posting on them that are the most pathetic. It is on these forums that you will see the most absurd, lame, and disgustingly moronic posts in the whole damn internet. Without any further fanfare I give you the Blast Forums, an EZBoard from hell.

Who doesn't?


Yeah, move to Los "Angelos". After you are mugged for the fifth time and before the smog kills you, you can spend 40 minutes travelling three miles on the lovely freeways or as I call them, the fastest parking lots in the world.

Yeah, because white people have never ruined anything.

When "SonGokou1685's" parents were going through a divorce each side actually fought to lose custody.

Hold on. I'll email them to you!

Hahaha oh man. We've got to stop this nerd on nerd violence.

I would make a joke about him working at McDonald's for thirty years but most employees usually don't live that long.

This is a lot better than having sex.

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