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If the folks at Eagle Forum are to be believed, all of the problems in the world can be solved by getting rid of the homosexuals. Hey I don't blame them. Damn those gays! They'll ruin America's families before we know it!

I'll tell you what's wrong with abstinence. It doesn't get me laid.

Lawsuits, the reason I wake up in the morning!

Abortion on demand? I think I get that on my cable box. Haha I love the last line. "SAVE US FROM THE TYRANNY OF THE SUPREME COURT!" Haha.

If I read this correctly, I think this is an argument against evolution because Hitler believed in evolution. Wow.

I inject myself with my own semen all the time.

Boycotts never work.

Anybody who has been scammed by these people were stupid enough to deserve it and I think the FBI should laugh in their faces.

It's spelled "Clinton", buddy.

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