I really wish these guys were just role-playing, but something tells me they are very, very serious. On MySpace there is a group of guys who think they are real life superheroes. One of the most deranged is The Watcher. By day he is just a mild mannered Brit, but by night he stalks the streets looking for criminals, and getting questioned by police about why he is such a lunatic. If only they stayed out of his way... Many more could be saved, from having a normal day without some moron harassing them that is.

YOU THINK YOU ARE A SUPERHERO. There should be a law requiring people to throw things at you.

I'll take a firefighter over this guy any day. They are the closet thing to real life superheroes we have.

Aren't superheroes more optimist than this?


The only fucker on MySpace who can't get any friends. Even Hitler had MySpace friends, and he committed suicide decades before the thing even came into existence!

Even if it happens, you'll be there to save us, rights guy? Guys???

Hey! Remember the comic code you prick!

Instead of going out and saving people let's argue about who the best fake superhero is. If I was so deranged that I thought I was Superman or something, I'd be outside doing it instead of sitting on the damn computer. I like proactive maniacs.

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