Why can't people just name their kids themselves? This woman has written eight, count them, EIGHT fucking books about baby names. How stupid do you have to be to buy even one of her books? Christ, this is how you get people like Grace, Hope, Faith, and Kaya walking around. Some parents are naming their kids "Trinity". Yes, after The Matrix. Let me tell you something future parents of America. If you name your daughter Trinity or something equally stupid, she will have problems later on in life, trust me. The madness has to end!

Name your kids all the wacky names you want, they're still going to grow up to be massive failures.

I don't think you could say, "Hi, my name is Galen" without people bursting into laughter.

This shit is just fascinating.

It means you've ruined your life.

Look, no matter how many signs that nature sends to these idiots that they can't, shouldn't, and will never have kids they still keep trying. If your husband is impotent, don't worry. Just shoot him up full of fertility drugs. This is why you see people who have eight children at a time that come out three months early and look like sick goldfish. And if you were stupid and irresponsible enough to get an STD in the first place then maybe you are too stupid and irresponsible to have kids!

Great work mom! Your son is already sucking man tits like a pro!

Honey it was, uh, a joke. Yeah that's it, just a joke...

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