I have no doubts that this woman is going to try this someday. Don't be embarassed. I know the pain of being a poor Mexican baby. When I was a young lad my diapers were made of rubber tire fragments found on the side of the highway and I drank milk out of a cat teat.


How can you write roughly 300 words on twins? It boggles the mind!

No, you're not ready to have a baby. You'll never be ready. Hopefully a freak car accident renders you infertile, for all our sake.

At least she apologized.

The internet made him do it!

She's holding it because she's scared of what you do with it. If she keeps it in then it won't get anywhere near her face like always. Parents these days...

If you find yourself saying, "This may be a stupid question" then it's probably a stupid question.

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