4kids? 4Krack? Is this some kind of crack for kids ring?

Hello Journeyman. Please open your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ so your time travels will be fruitful. Write back.

Do you watch the show Roswell? I love aliens! Shiri Appleby is soooo cute! Write back.

When I was trying to figure out the name of that actress from the show I mentioned above, I thought it was Christina Appleby, because you know, Christina Applegate. I went to imdb.com and it turns out it's actually Shiri. Write back.

Aliens have visited me before and took me to Vegas and we all got drunk and partied and I had a huge headache when I woke up. Write back.

One time a Yeti and I got hammered and broke into the fireworks factory and set off the fireworks and we died. Write back.

What you believe to be UFOs are actually Star Jones' farts colliding with swamp gas. Write back.

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