Q:Why is this called Thorpe's Notes this time, instead of Cliffs Notes?

A:Because Cliffs Notes threatened to sue us. Suspend your disbelief!

List of Characters:

Sylvester: The narrator of the story, portrayed in song by R. Kelly. Recently had a one-night stand with Cathy.

Cathy: A woman who has had a one-night stand with Sylvester.

Rufus: Cathy’s husband, a pastor, who is secretly carrying on a homosexual affair with Chuck.

Chuck: A deacon who has been secretly carrying on an affair with Rufus.

Gwendolyn: Sylvester’s wife, who has been secretly carrying on an affair with James.

Twan: Gwendolyn’s brother, recently discharged from prison.

James: A policeman who has been carrying on a secret affair with Gwendolyn.

Bridget: James’s wife, who has been secretly carrying on an affair with Big Man.

Big Man: A little person who works as a stripper and is secretly carrying on an affair with Bridget.

Critical Comments:
The following sections contain explanatory notes and textual insights on Trapped in the Closet. There is a Summary of each chapter, as well as helpful commentary that illuminates literary motifs and stylistic elements within the narrative. Please keep in mind that there is no single correct interpretation of a complex work of literature like Trapped in the Closet, so your own interpretation of the themes and events present in the work may differ from the one presented here.

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