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My Corset

  • Devotee John meets the beautiful Lynn, a Polio victim who wears braces. With Lynn's help John realizes his fantasy and becomes an attractive woman who must wear her own long leg braces. Lynn and Janine, now a woman in every way, have a wonderful sexual relationship and share their experiences in braces.
  • Diane discovers that her boyfriend Dan is a devotee and especially likes women who require bilateral hooks. Follow Diane's adventure as she becomes a DBE hook pretender to please Dan.
  • Bill wakes up as Cheryl, a quadruple amputee who uses hooks. Is it a dream? Read this great story and find out the truth.

My Chastity Belt
  • Kim is sitting at the bar having a drink wearing a short skirt and displaying her long nylon covered legs. A handsome man sits next to her. How will he react when he sees her two prosthetic hooks?
  • Lori and Roberta visit a fetish club wearing their chastity belts and thigh bands. Of course they wore their hooks since they needed them.
  • Follow the adventures of Ann, a voluntary DAE arm amputee, and her boyfriend Richard as Ann undergoes her amputations and learns to use her hooks.
Putting On My Panties
Today's Awful Link is all about celebrating perverts who wish to overcome adversities that they will never face. Vicki Hooks is dedicated to a brave soul who hasn't actually lost her limbs, but pretends she has & made a softcore fetish website about it. The pictures are bad, the stories are worse, and the videos were the inspiration for the Silent Hill 2 nurses. Leg braces, body braces, chastity belts and crippling applications of makeup - this ALOD has it all. Proudly operated since 2001!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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