"?" indeed, my dog friend.

Gammatelier is a fetish site with a twist, I guess. After reading Awful Links for years and years, "twists" get kind of tired and stop really shocking anyone, but the world of sex does absolutely everything it can to keep up anyway. What's "interesting" about Gammatelier is the broadness of its scope. It's not just "erotic" images of ladies who are also horses, it's also pictures of ladies who are actually two ladies, and ladies without any arms, and ladies with four arms, etc.. As far as I can tell, these illustrations aren't all even necessarily erotic. A lot of it is just ladies with weird ... conditions just sort of doing everyday stuff. But maybe that's still hot when you're into spiders with titties, I dunno.

There's a story section, too, which is pretty rad because it has categories you're probably not going to run into on Literotica. A summary from the most recent story: "Being an office employee isn't always easy, but what can you do when your chief is a bossy ladypot that won't let anyone step on her?" (Keywords: ladypot, romance, sex.) Now, I'm sure you're thinking a ladypot is basically a sexpot lady. You're wrong. A ladypot is a living person whose head is a strict-looking woman and whose body is a pot. (With a vagina, I guess, which maybe makes this NWS, I don't know what the fuck.) I'm not going to read this shit closely enough to tell you exactly what a pot vagina is like, but skimming through, it's definitely possibly to fuck one without just fucking the head that's sticking out of the pot.

So, anyway, if you're really into the idea of fucking something with a woman's head as long as it isn't attached to a dumb, regular-ass human body with all its limbs intact, you probably want to check out this Web site. If woman/ceramic hybrids or anime girls conjoined without The Human Centipede's regard for medical accuracy aren't your thing, I guess there's probably regular porn out there on the Internet, too, but you're on your own for that shit.

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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