Lady Pagan, submitted by Grev. After all that talk of nuclear things and explosions, I feel that my life is lacking the simpler things. Things from a time when evil wasn't commited with bombs and science, but with magic and curses! And LadyPagan is just the resource for that!

Won't thee join me for an Ale

In Hell

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Why, of course I will! In hell! This site holds all sorts of mystical, evil information. Unfortuantely, the site's hideous font, pathetically bad Midi sountrack, and totally stupid concept forced me to close this website after a short five minute stay. In hell! Look around, maybe you guys will enjoy it more than I did. In hell! This site looks to have it all though...poetry, art, "goth tips" on things...I just couldn't bare to expose myself to any of them. Enjoy...IN HELL!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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