The Digiartist's Domain, submitted by Kate. Everyone loves a site devoted to pornographic fan art based on a shitty kid's cartoon imported from Japan or possibly even Korea. I know I sure as fuck do, but what's even better is when the fan art site does not even have any goddamn fan art on it. This saves me the trouble of actually looking at kindergarten-quality drawings of an 11-year old girl's breasts with an arrow pointing to them and the word "BOOBIES" so other morons and possibly even FARK readers can tell that it's porn.

Our good friend Kazul and FOOF have set up mirrors for our picture archives so that everyone can now view all the pics our artists put so much time into.

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To make up for the complete lack of "digiart" the site has a metric shitload of erotic Digimon fan fiction. There are more gems here than in the Queen of Englandia's gemmiest fucking crown.

Biyomon began to slowly caress it and it got even longer. Finally, she got the whole thing in and sucked on it. This was a great new feeling for Hawkmon he was still a virgin. He then felt an urge and cummed; Biyomon seemed to enjoy its salty taste. Through all of this she got fairly wet. Hawkmon then began to slowly eat her out. She began to moan like she was having the time of her life. They soon broke off and started the insertion. It felt very good for both of them. Hawkmon continued to pump himself into Biyomon all the while still frenching. Hawkmon: ‘’I love you Biyomon.’’ Biyomon: ‘’I love you too.’’ When they both reached their climax, they pulled apart panting heavily.

I especially respect the writer's decision to include all dialogue within a descriptive paragraph and delineate it with a colon rather than using the usual narrative form. This serves to underscore the importance of the erotic action in the piece and de-emphasizes the dialogue, which is really just icing on the cake for any kindergarten age intellect perverted Digimon fan. Oh yes, Pokemon's broke-ass cousin has never seemed so hot!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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