Alchemy Vampire, submitted by Lisa. Ok, I have never claimed to understand this vampire goth thing whatsoever, but this website is hilarious anyway. If someone is that big into being a "gothic vampire" or whatever, why are they:

1. Unable to speak proper English?

2. The owners of a horribly designed, lame-ass website?

3. Retarded?

we alchemy gothic vampires are not like that .we dress in black .listen to strange musicc .idolize things that are not usually idolized .we like being depressed and angry .but religion is your freedom .refering to - the religion you choose should not keep you in pain. religion is the one thing that all should have freedom to .usually one becomes a goth and is forced to loook "gothy" so they have to be with satan

Uh oh! Look out for the scary vampire goths! They are scary and vampire-gothic!

favorite things : music ,horror movies,gothic little children,baby dolls full of stiches and bruses,books on the paranormal,scary stories, spyro the dragon,ouiga boards(yes i do have one) ,i love turtles ( tell ya the story later), i also idolize Karen from night of the living dead.


– Snakey Slithers

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