Peaches Anime Comic, submitted by Chris. It's no big secret that I think Anime is retarded (no offense to you Anime nerds out there who buy anything and everything imported from Japan). I think everybody is aware of the fact that I generally loathe webcomics as well. So when somebody combines Anime and webcomics into one horrible scar of Internet poison, I don't think I need to justify my unfavorable reaction, particularly when the comics are all poorly drawn, make no sense, and appear to consist of inside jokes with the author's imaginary pixie friend or talking plant or whatever. Hooray for "Drinking Peaches," a website that mixes two crappy things into one gigantic crap blob! Neat!

lol soz for makin ya all wait for updates! [.]** k in case u havent noticed, theres a new section up on the site... called Random Acts of Caffeine Man [.] good stuff, lemme tell ya. **giggles** check it out [.] also, i know i made u wait a really really REALLY long time.. but guess what? theres more actual comic online!! woo woo!!! so go to the comic section, and you will find part 5c, AND part 6a! **gasp! part 6!!** lemme know what u think, and ill pester Arist to write some more script soon [.] (preferably after finals.. **shudder** which means ill bug her next week ;))
-.-* also... what happened to all these people that were gonna send me stuff for the script contest?! im very disappointed. i got one script thru email and it kinda confused me.. and thats not really a contest if one person sends stuff in. **shakes her head** maybe next time people will actually SEND me stuff... **shrugs**

Huh? What? Ah, who cares, the description and layout of the webpage make just about as much sense as the comic itself, which is apparently a dairy of all the banal and boring events that happened to the author, served up in crude Anime form. If you can't find the link to the "comics," and I use that word ever so liberally, you can just go here and read the archives of whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Oh yeah, and there's this desperate plea for attention:

¤Help Drinking Peaches!! email saying you want more comic!!! Arist won't write more till we get a certain number of emails!!!!¤


PS: She asks you to sign her guestbook, but I'm not really sure why you would risk the chance of her reading it and thinking it's a plea for more "comics".

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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