America under ATTACK!, submitted by Evil Bacteria. Oh no! America is under attack by the Russians and Chinese who hate us because we're the 2nd Beast of Revelations 13! This is all so horrible and shocking that I think I might just go drink a Pepsi... IN SHEER TERROR!!!

The Russians have been making clandestine parachute drops of military equipment here in America for over a month now. See illustrated explanation in email, and the evidence in the original news article 1 and more elaborate article 2. Spetsnaz teams (Russian special forces) are in place on American and Canadian soil. So are Islamic terrorist teams. Expect possible nuke backpacks (or suitcases) to go off that will be attributed incorrectly to Arab terrorists. Also biological agents may begin epidemics. Water and power sources will probably be hit.

The Russians (and Edomite Jews who run Russia and America) are behind it all. They are clever, even brilliant planners, who are now executing the first blatantly overt phase of their attack. They are getting help from unwitting Arabs (who hate the Jews), Jews in high places, and American Communist agents within our own government, military, and population. We, the American and Canadian people, and the Christian West are the targets. If North America falls, our enemies feel that the rest of Europe will fall in line with their demands.

I think the only rational response to this is to start stockpiling weapons and USA flags. Wait, no, don't get the flags because America is the 2nd Beast of Revelations 13! Who has surpassed us in this global ranking system of Revelation Beasts?

Who is the Great 1st BEAST of Rev. 13? At this critical juncture in history, read and understand. You need to get this straight! It's NOT Europe. It's the Soviet Union, now "just" Russia.

Damn those sneaky red menaces! This is just like in that movie "Red Dawn" where Matthew Broderick had to play Tic-Tac-Toe against a computer so it would free D.A.R.Y.L and let him win the Pole Position competition at the Nintendo playoffs!

Last, but not least, there's a copyright notice on his page that I am apparently breaking by copying it to this website:

The written content of this site is COPYRIGHTED. The author assumes full responsibility for what he writes. Russell G. Thatcher is Yahuah’s primary prophet to ISRAEL (in the spirit of Joshua), as you will eventually discover (if you survive long enough). He has sounded the alarm since July 4th, 1976. Permission is granted for you to download, send by e-mail, or print any article for free distribution as long as Russell G. Thatcher is properly credited. Include the URL below in that credit. This is a non-commercial freedom of speech, press, and religion site presented as a humanitarian service to the WORLD. Although all men of all races can profit from Thatcher’s message, it is primarily directed at TRUE ISRAEL and Christians (whatever their circumstances).


– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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