DOV, submitted by Me. Last week, I wrote about a site where regular folks like you and me could purchase time machines. That site was horrible in its own right, but I had the grave misfortune of tracing it back to a far more mortifying source. This site is like staring into the eyes of Satan himself. Like the time travel site. DOV's place is designed by the evil masterminds at WEb design ltd. [sic] and therefore looks like an industrial waste accident. If you click around this site long enough, which should be the punishment for rapists, you'll eventually find out that DOV believes that the UN is really an evil shadow government bent on enslaving everyone on Earth. Or something like that.

This is the most DANGEROUS web site in the Cosmos -- to the "High Cabal" and its New World Order Gang of genocidal maniacs! Light a fire under the New World Ordor Gang by reading the truth presented on this web site and by visiting the recommended web sites.

I'd just like to bring special attention to the two different spellings of "order." Isn't that cute? No, no it's not. The rest of the site is basically a bunch of links to sites claiming to hold the secrets to stop all terrorism ever and that most versions of the Bible are attempts by the "New World Ordor Gang" to control us all. I can take incredibly stupid content, and I can handle heart-stoppingly bad design, but it is nearly impossible to withstand more than a few seconds of this site. I'd go so far as to say that ten minutes of staring at this site is akin to one full viewing of "Nukie." There are more annoying GIFs per square inch on this page than should be allowed by law. Someone needs to die for this site. Do not visit.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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