The Comedy Goldmine is no stranger to the world of theme parks. Whether we're staring in awe at someone who weighs the same as an average sized family car, or enjoying all the fun that comes with screaming kids, there seems to be no end to the amount of wonders you can see as you step through the gates into these exciting worlds of innocent fun. This time around, we're looking specifically at the design flaws which makes these places such a treat to visit. Be thankful that you've never had to set foot in one of these less-than-magic kingdoms, because this week the forum goons are going loop-de-loop with horribly designed parks!

Mr. E

I walked by a local amusement park which had sprung up in the neighborhood overnight, probably because we're celebrating the creation of the world's third best constitution here in Norway tomorrow. I've always loved the paintings on the side of the rides. It seems to be done by eastern Europeans during the cold war who only had vague verbal descriptions of the appearance of the cultural icons in the promised land to the west. With no further ado, I bring you:



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